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Lieutenant Addie Hart

Name Addie Belle Hart

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid/Vulcan
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 125lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Addie is a girl who stands out, even if she doesn't intend to. With a shock of golden curls framing her heart shaped face and ice blue eyes, she naturally draws attention where ever she goes. Her shorter stature is more than made up for by her bigger than life personality, a ready smile and a warm laugh.

Though she identifies as human, she does have very mild mixed heritage on both sides of her family, though the only physical tell is the slight Vulcan point to her ears.

Beneath the golden curls, her right ear is adorned with a delicate gold Bajoran earring that was gifted to her by a very special friend.

Her right wrist is inked with an intricate black mandala inspired tattoo with scrolls extending down her ring finger and back up her arm. She also has a similarly styled tattoo in the middle of her back, though few have been close enough to her to actually be able to see it.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jonas Hart
Mother Bianca Hart
Brother(s) Jordan Hart
Ezekiel Hart
Stefan Hart
Damien Hart
Kenneth Hart
Anthony Hart
Benjamin Hart
Sister(s) None
Other Family Moriah Hart - Paternal Great Grandmother

Clay Hart - Paternal Grandfather
Elsie Hart - Paternal Grandmother

Elliot Zaire - Maternal Grandfather
Rachel Zaire - Maternal Grandmother

Ziah Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Jordan Hart)
- Lucia Hart (Niece)
- Ariyah Hart (Niece)
- Tessa Hart (Niece)

Joslyn Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Ezekiel Hart)
- Myah-Lin Hart (Niece)
- Zachary Hart (Nephew)
- Larissa Hart (Niece)
- Tobias Hart (Nephew)

Brinley Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Stefan Hart)
- Abigail Hart (Niece)
- Cheyenne Hart (Niece
- Brianna & Amelia Hart (Twin Nieces)
- Ryleigh Hart (Niece)

Rebekah Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Damien Hart)
- Raydon Hart (Nephew)
- Phoebe Hart (Niece)

Jacob McKenna (Brother-in-Law - Married to Kenneth Hart)
- Presley Hart (Niece - Adopted)

Teagan Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Anthony Hart)
- Alain Hart (Nephew)
- Luca Hart (Nephew)
- Brennan & Braelynn Hart (Twins Nephew & Niece)
- Marcus Hart (Nephew)
- Hailey Hart (Niece)
- Devin Hart (Nephew)

Meilani Hart (Sister-in-Law - Married to Benjamin Hart)
- Trey Hart (Nephew)
- Blaise Hart (Nephew)
- Aubree Hart (Niece)
- Jasmine Hart (Niece)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Addie is the youngest child, having grown up with seven older brothers. She was the much desired daughter that her mother had longed for, yet despite this she did not grow up to be spoiled or pampered. Instead, she grew into a strong, determined, free thinking individual with a genuine love for life and people who isn't afraid to throwdown if necessary. Thanks to growing up in a house full of older brothers, she has a mean right hook.

Although Addie identifies as human, she does have mild mixed heritage on both sides of her family. Her Maternal Grandmother is a Betazoid while her Paternal Great Great Grandfather is Vulcan. The only physical trait from her Vulcan heritage is the pointed ears, which are usually hidden by her hair. From her Betazoid Grandmother she inherited a very vague sense of empathy, which is mostly restricted to people with extremely heightened emotions that are within close physical proximity to her.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Well versed in both technological and non technological medicine.
Very hands on with her patients and involved in their care.
Genuinely enjoys working in medical
Strong work ethic
Compassionate and genuine in nature
Good self defense skills

Always puts others first, even at detriment to herself.
Internalizes her emotions
Will willingly violate direct orders if it means saving lives.
Dislikes violence and refuses to use weapons
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys baking, especially desserts.
Loves cold weather and open fires
Completely unable to resist chocolate