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Lieutenant Sally Quade

Name Sally Anne Quade

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human (O'Neill Cylinder 3, Earth Orbit)
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5" (1.65 m)
Weight 132 lbs. (60 kg)
Hair Color dark blonde
Eye Color gray
Physical Description Sally looks like any generation's girl next door. She's medium height, medium weight, medium pretty, and very nice.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Jeremy Quade
Mother Sharon Aston
Brother(s) Jeffrey Daniel (17), Todd Jeremy (21), David Alexander (30)
Sister(s) Diana Lyn (15), Denise Addison (23), Harriet Stone (25)
Other Family Grandma Anita and Grandpa David Quade
Mamo Aston, Uncle Fredrick Aston,
Aunt Phillida and Uncle Daniel Addison

Numerous cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Second oldest in her family, Sally is responsible, but also fun-loving. She has a cheery personality, and always thinks things are either going well or will be soon. She frequently smiles and often sings.
Strengths & Weaknesses +positive
+passionate about science

-too trusting of others' sense of responsibility
-optimistic in the face of overwhelming negative evidence
-quick temper, but quickly done with it
Ambitions To be Chief of Science on a starbase OR
Director of Research for New Lifeforms
Hobbies & Interests Music - sings (soprano) and plays saxophone (alto)
Historical Fiction buff
Science Trivia collector

Personal History On September 5, 2365, Sally Anne Quade was born in O'Neill Cylinder 3. Of course, it wasn't the original cylinder of that name and position, but was an upgraded, barely 50-year-old cylinder, with all the latest modular configurations. Sally Anne's parents were volunteers farming on the cylinder to provide wheat for breads and cereals for earth. In fact, due to specialization in each cylinder, they were nicknamed the Bread Basket.

She was already five the first time Sally visited the Earth. Colonists were given trips home every five years to visit with family, so she met her grandparents on both sides for the first time, as well as numerous other relatives. Although there were bees and butterflies on Cylinder 3, many other creatures from Earth were not imported, and the impact of so many lifeforms has stayed with Sally Anne forever.

Back home again, and starting school, Sally drew and drew and drew pictures of all the life she'd seen on the planet. She had a great desire to read about them, but wasn't able to in the beginning, so she pestered both her parents and her older brother to read books about these fascinating creatures - birds with wingspans of feet instead of inches, animals who could run like the wind, beetles, flying creatures, even snakes interested her.

As her younger siblings came along, they were forced to listen to Sally read to them about forms of life which they, honestly, found disgusting or even disturbing. In subsequent visits to Earth, Sally Anne was always outside, while her siblings preferred the inside environments.

It was no surprise to anyone when she chose zoology as a line of study, or that she would probably have graduated first in her class had she gone down to Earth for college. She stayed on Cylinder 3 and studied through online interactions and experiments conducted to benefit farmers on all the O'Neill Cylinders.

At the age of 18, just before her junior year, her uncle, Fredrick Aston, a Commander in Starfleet, sponsored her testing for the academy, and she managed to pass the tests, but her scores just missed admission until three students dropped out and left room for her. Her final two years of study were completed at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, where she graduated 25th among the science cadets.

Now, she's served for almost 7 years, and she's looking forward to her new duty station.
Service Record 2385 - Graduated from Star Fleet Academy, Earth (ENS)
2385 - Science Officer, USS Arizona (ENS)
2388 - Science Officer, USS Athena (LTJG)
2390 - Science Officer, USS Ariadne (LTJG)
2391 - Asst. Chief Science Officer, Acting, USS Ariadne (LTJG)
2392 - Asst. Chief Science Officer, USS Ariadne (LT)
2393 - Chief Science Officer, USS Rutupiae (LT)