Personal Log - Sharpe, Paul

Posted on Fri Jan 3rd, 2020 @ 12:46pm by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe

During a lull in duties, Paul was in his quarters and he did a personal log.

"Computer start a personal log," he said and the computer beeped letting him know that it was ready to start recording.

"Stardate 239301.03 0700 it has been some time since I was assigned to the newly commissioned USS Rutupiae and I have to say that I am thus far impressed by this Prometheus class ship, until this moment I have only ever seen one from afar, but this is my first time that I have ever served upon such a vessel. As with all interfaces I have to temporarily re-arranged the interface to how I like it hehe I can only imagine what my replacement says and thinks when they take over from me. Note to self speak to the Captain about initiating security measures, but I will have to get some ready first before going to the Captain about them.


I find that I am missing my wife, strange that word is still to me I have known Alex all my life and she is my life, but our duties dictate we go to different assignments, I do wonder how she is doing with her training, I know she wants to command a ship and I have heard she did well during an incident in the Thorion system when her cousin needed her as back up. Still, I have to wonder how a hard-headed marine would cope with commanding the group on the Tomcat, the fact that the ship has a Squadrons worth of Klingon pilots I can see her spending her off duty hours with them and drinking them under the table if it is Bloodwine, otherwise, anything stronger and she would lose any drinking competition. Then again I am hoping that knowing she would be commanding them she will restrain herself, only time will tell on that one.


So far my time on this ship has been the standard as in getting settled in and my Security office straightened out and a small specially designed mini fridge installed, I know it is an old affair, but I have found that sometimes a glass of something usually puts a suspect at ease, thankfully on a starship such needs are rare, but it also comes in handy when celebration or lamenting is required, computer pause" he said and got up and walked over to his replicator.

"Tea, mug two sugars and milk hot," he said to the replicator and picked up the hot mug and sipped at it as he walked over to his workplace and sat back at his desk and placed the mug on a coaster.

"Computer continue recording log, what else this duty may bring me I cannot say, but I hope it is not too bad. The nightmares of my death at some point in the future have for now subsided and for that, I am thankful as I can get a full nights sleep it was not fun having such visions, as sometimes they would go in slow motion as like in the old 2D films of old and the ones Alex usually makes me watch most disconcerting but hopefully now that I am married and settled they will vanish for good.

Otherwise, all is as it should be on the personal front, for now, I hope it remains that way, computer save and end personal log"

As the computer obeyed his command and saved the recording he finished his tea as he went through his correspondence which was building up.