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A Little Idle Curiosity

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 @ 4:57am by Lieutenant Addie Hart & Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Lounge

The lounge was a throng of activity with a very steady stream of people coming and going. Addie had been sitting in her corner booth at the back of the room for the better part of two hours already, slowly sipping the drinks that were placed in front of her as she alternated between watching the crew socializing and reading the book on the PaDD in front of her.

It was only as the familiar figure of Lieutenant Commander Odegaard entered the lounge that she set the PaDD down, watching him curiously as he headed toward the bar.

It was strange to see the Crews reaction to Odegaard, as the XO he wasn't there to be liked or to be everyone's friend. His role was to be hard on the Crew to ensure the Rutupiae performed as she should. That much was obvious when a few of them snapped to attention only to be waved off by the Commander. He ordered a drink, an Andorian Sunrise with extra zest and took a seat at the bar.

Addie watched the interactions and sighed, shaking her head as she slid out of the booth, picked up her drink and headed for the bar. As she slid onto the seat next to him, she leaned in closer. "So you don't like to have fun and you don't like to be social. Tell me, Commander, what DO you like?"

He sipped his drink and gazed at the Chief Medical Officer. Rolling up his sleeves he presented her with his tattooed arms, each one a mix of his Nordic ancestry and his life, being former intelligence he had to hide them but now he could keep them present. "A great many things Doctor."

With a laugh, Addie pulled back the right sleeve of her sweater to reveal the black mandala inspired tattoo reaching from her ring finger up over her wrist nad up her arm, disappearing back under the sleeve. "Well, we have something in common then."

He nodded. "Judging by the colouration and style I would say your rebellious youth stage? Long before you became a Medical Officer."

"Not at all, actually, that would be the one on my ankle, this one was done about eighteen months ago when I was on shore leave. You know we medical officers do know how to have fun sometimes," she shot back quickly, pushing her empty glass forward and ordering another drink. "AND be social," she finished pointedly.

"Just like this one." He pointed to one of the sleeve markings. "Symbolises the youth of a Norwegian teen with a strong love of Norse history."

"Ah, the idiocy of youth," she replied with a laugh, picking up the drink as it was handed to her. "Any other regrets along the way?"

He shrugged. "I served a long time in all manner of positions and departments Doctor." He responded to her enquiry. "You tend to learn that regret is a word of numerous meanings."

"My name is not Doctor," she replied pointedly. "It's Addie. Or do I need to wear one of those 'my name is' labels whenever I'm around you?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"The only things you should ever regret are the chances you didn't take," Addie added with a smile, picking up her glass and taking a sip. "Life is short and tomorrow is never guaranteed. Life should be lived, not wasted, don't you think? That's why when a girl asks you if you want to build a fort out of empty cargo crates, you're supposed to say yes!" she said, nudging him in the ribs with her elbow.

"Life is also about routine, we live by a routine we set and that determines progress." He said just before requesting a fresh drink.

She sighed and shook her head. "If all you ever do is stick to a predetermined routine you're going to miss out on all the fun," Addie replied. "Don't you ever just throw caution to the wind and say 'to hell with it, today I'm going to hula dance on a bar because I can!'?" she asked.

"No I don't dance." He responded to her enquiry.

Addie sighed and shook her head. "You're going to be my problem child aren't you?" she queried rhetorically.

"With a face like mine Doctor such an accusation would soon dissipate." He responded sipping on his Andorian Sunrise.

Addie offered a wry smile. "We'll see," she said with an easy grin. "I'll have you dancing on bars and building cargo crate forts before I'm through!"


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