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Posted on Mon Jan 27th, 2020 @ 7:45pm by Lieutenant Commander Paul Sharpe & Commander Reza Rashid & Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard & Lieutenant Datt Grol & Lieutenant Addie Hart & Lieutenant Sally Quade
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Mission: Shakedown


Reza walked out of the turbolift onto the bridge, looking at the viewscreen. He was glad to see a field of stars in front of him rather than the enclosed spacedock of Starbase 76. He breathed in a refreshing gulp of freedom. Not that the recycled air was any different than what he'd been breathing for the last several days.

He walked over to the captain's chair and sat down, regarding the crew around him.

"What do you say we stretch her legs?"

"Aye Sir," Odegaard responded with a nod as he took his temporary position at the Science Station. "Time to see if those upgrades were with it."

Sharpe was once again at the Security/Tactical Station on the bridge like all Prometheus class ships, his seat was facing the rear wall, the only seats in the middle were the Helm, Navigation and Captain's chair all other stations were sprawled around the rear of the bridge from left to right against the wall, he found the setup refreshing as he reconfigured the interface to his idiosyncratic style and then he checked the systems when done he turned around in his chair "Security and Tactical all in the Green Captain no error reports across the board" Sharpe said.

"Good to hear. Why don't we give you something to practise on in that case? Helm, set course for the Demick Asteroid Field, full impulse."

The conn officer pressed a few buttons on the console in front of her. "Aye, commander. ETA 6 minutes."

"Acknowledged Captain, weapons will be ready," Sharpe said in a neutral tone as he faced his console again and prepared his weapons for firing.

As they were on their way, Reza radioed down to sickbay. "Rashid to Dr Hart."

"You've got me, Captain, what's up?" Addie asked an almost nonchalant tone to her voice despite the moment.

"We're going to be engaging in some war games in a nearby asteroid field. We may not be experiencing actual combat but just for readiness sake, I would like you and your staff to treat it as such. It'd be best to get the practice in while we can."

Addie grinned. "Captain, I've been waiting for this moment," the sound of her voice changed to one of near glee. "Sickbay is standing by Sir, proceed when you're ready."

As soon as the connection closed, she turned around and looked around sickbay. "Computer, prepare emergency medical program Hart Delta Nine Seven."

Paul had finally arranged the interface to the way he liked it and he was ready for the target practice, he had read up on the firepower of a Prometheus class was impressive and the fact that it could go multi-vector was impressive "Captain perhaps when we are at the firing range it might be a good idea if we also test out the Multi-Vector mode, just to make sure that works as advertised also!" Sharpe suggested.

Reza turned to Anders. "Number One?"

"I concur with Commander Sharpe it would be advisable to test that system out," Anders responded as he got up from his seat and started doing his patrol rounds of the Bridge.

"Good idea. But let's hold off on separating until we've reached the asteroid field. I don't relish the thought of losing 2/3rds of the ship on our first day out."

Sharpe lightly nodded, in his mind having a working Multi-Vector mode would be beneficial, just then his console started beeping, he quickly returned his attention to his console and typed in some lines of code and that seemed to ease the problem, but he did have the computer run a level three diagnostic on his station.

Barely having made it aboard in time to get her fellow officers' names matched to their faces, Quade felt out of place on the bridge. The camaraderie she'd had on her previous posting had come with time, and she knew it would come here, too, but for now, she wasn't even sure where to sit, with the XO playing jack-in-the-box at her duty station. Begin as you mean to go on, she heard her mother's voice in her head. Good advice.

"Sir," she spoke, looking at the captain. "Where do you prefer your science officer to work? And is there anything specific you would like me to monitor?"

"Number One," Reza said, turning to regard his new science officer, "show Lt. Quade to the science station."

Odegaard coughed and signalled for the Science Officer to take her station which was now vacant. He then glanced around the other Crew. His presence making some a little nervous.

Quade nodded and took the seat that would normally be assigned to her, but still wasn't sure if there was anything specific she needed to observe during war games testing. Nevertheless, she noted that all systems were green, and she focused her station's sensors on the asteroid field, analyzing the content of the rocks for anything that might not react kindly to being hit with either phasers or torpedoes.

"Just keep an eye on the navigational sensors and assist with tactical scans, lieutenant. And welcome aboard."

As Reza turned back to the monitor, he saw the asteroid field beginning to resolve itself on the viewscreen. As they began to enter it, Reza nodded towards Sharpe.

"The bridge is yours, Mr Sharpe. Let's get to work."

*Deer in Headlights moment* "Red Alert, stand by for firing test the target 345 by 7980 by 45, Phasers at half power, firing now" Paul said and fired, the beams of energy which hit the target kicking up dust, he looked at his screen, "adjusting unstable variance in the beam, firing again the beam frequency is holding steady, increasing power to seventy-five per cent, firing" once again the beam took off more of the asteroid, thankfully the adjustments worked "adjusting to full power "firing at target full power" he said and this time the target was vaporized.

"Changing to torpedoes, target 400 by 5687 by 12 Photon torpedo loaded *pause* firing," Sharpe said and the next target was vaporized, then he changed to another target "loading Quantum torpedo from second forward launcher new target acquired and firing," he said and a brighter explosion, then he did the rear launchers, they fired normally but a cascade feedback blew his console and knocked him back.

"%&*^*&^*& sonofa!" he exclaimed picking himself up and grabbing a fire extinguisher and putting out the flames "cancel Red Alert and live-fire test," he said and moved the chair away from the maintenance hatch and pulled off the hatch and crawled into it partially. "well, what have we here!" he said and pulled the faulty isolinear chips that were burnt and scorched out, he bypassed the damaged areas and deactivated the power there, shimmying back out he stood up and looked at the chips and tapped his Commbadge.

=/\= Sharpe to Engineering, need an engineer up to the bridge tactical station to replace some firing control chips =/\= he said

Datt had been keeping an eye on the systems as the yahoos on the bridge decided it a good idea to play pew, pew and stress the systems too much. He saw the power surge as it happened on the bridge he knew the call was coming.

=/\=Engineering here, I am on my way be there on 05=/\= Datt explained as he grabbed his bag and headed for the door.

=/\= Affirmative, see you in five-minutes, Sharpe out =/\= he said and felt a lot of eyes on him "I could fix it, but then it would leave nothing for engineering to do and if they replace these *holds up the burnt chips* then it will be done properly" he said to the Captain.

"Fair enough," Reza said, turning around to face his tactical officer. "In the meantime, we should analyse the data from the last round of weapons testing. Lt. Quade, anything to report? Number One, anything on sensors?"

Sally was still trying to get the ringing out of her ears, but she responded quickly, "No, Sir. Everything is still green across the board, and damage hasn't spread to my console."

"Sir.....I'm detecting something." Odegaard began an examination of his instruments. "A Jennarri Ship.....Small most likely a scout craft judging by her shape."

"Red alert. Sharpe, bring those weapons back online ASAP. Get me a scan of that ship. Have they raised shields, charged weapons?"

Reacting like a Pro "shields up Captain, switching to auxiliary backups, we only have Phasers currently available, Captain, but they are at full power" Sharpe said.

"Good work, Mr Sharpe. Maintain weapons lock on that craft."

"Shields, yes, weapons, no. It has 4 phasers and 2 torpedo tubes, but I see nothing active," Quade reported. "I confirm, the ship is Jennarri doesn't have an exact match to anything in the database, but it's about 80 metric tons in mass."

Datt made his way onto the bridge. "Which console went boom?" He asked jokingly not knowing the new predicament.

"Tactical" Sharpe responded from the secondary tactical console.

"Quit the banter and get me the weapons back online, lieutenant," Reza barked. "Sharpe, get me a tractor beam on that craft."

Datt froze not sure why the Capt was snapping on him during a drill when there was an unforeseen malfunction. That is when he took a second to look around the bridge and notice that maybe this was Kansas as the humans say. "I am on it." He said directly as he started to dive into the effected console.

Odegaard moved to secondary tactical. "Jennarri Ships aren't to be taken likely.......Their Frigates can easily equal the firepower of a Defiant or at worst.....Us." The Commander keyed in a section of the display. "Regenerative shielding, highly agile and very deadly."

"Tractor activating Captain," Sharpe said and looking back as the First Officer arrived at the station he was at and reporting what he saw on the screen. "Looking at the XO "I am good Commander I know my job, thank you," he said to the XO politely such a fault at the wrong time did not help his mood, he hated it when his weapons did not work as they should.

Given the circumstance, Odegaard let it slide. Ordinarily however he would have said something to the Ships CSTO. But he continued to assist.

"In which case, we'd better be very careful." And it was just then that Reza noticed the craft beginning to retreat. "Helm, don't lose it. I want that ship in our shuttle bay yesterday. Sharpe where is that tractor beam?"

Looking back at his console "Dammit, the computer said it was activated, activating it now Sir, tractor beam actually active" Sharpe said as the ships tractor beam latched onto the ship.

Datt poked his head out of the console. With a couple of other iso-chips that weren't burnt out but had some cracks in them. "I found the problem had some damaged chips that were giving feedback and caused the burnout." He said as he put the cover back on the console and it hummed to life. "Should only need a couple to reboot and it will be good to go." He reported.

"Thank you, Lieutenant, here you go here are the burnt ones I pulled out, which stopped a total cascade" Sharpe said handing over the burnt Isolinear chips over to Datt "perhaps you could try to find out why this happened, this is a new ship and logically speaking should not have failed and I am one who does not like to have his weapons fail during a test" Sharpe added.

"Yep, as soon as we are clear of the drill I will have a team run a full diagnostic on things." Datt acknowledged the request. "My guess is one of these were damaged when installed," he said holding up the chip that had a small crack in it. "Unfortunately, it happens more then you would think." He got out of the way

*nods at Engineer* When the Engineer had left Sharpe left the First Officer at the secondary tactical station to handle the tractor beam side while he rebooted the main tactical console, which thankfully did not take long, he quickly ran through the checkups and was pleased "engineering do god work" he said quietly to himself, then more loudly "Captain, we now have full power to weapons and the torpedoes are loaded and ready, all defence systems now at One-hundred per cent" He announced sitting back at his station.

Datt watched the viewscreen as he stood near the turbolift. "Cap, if you don't need anything else I am gonna get back down to the heart of the ship."

Reza nodded as he turned to acknowledge the Bolian. "Good work, lieutenant. And," he added with a smile, "welcome aboard."

"Thank you, Sir I will send up the repair bill once I get home." He said as he exited the bridge to head back to hum of the belly of the beast.

Reza turned back forward. "Mr Sharpe," he said, "disable that scout and bring it into the shuttle bay. And then bring the pilot straight to the brig. The doctor can give them a once-over there to make sure they're alright, but then I want to know what the hell it's doing so deep in Federation space."

"Yes, Captain," Sharpe said and fired at the engines with enough power to disable the ship and took over tractor beam controls "Bringing the ship in now," he said then tapped his Commbadge =/\= Sharpe to Security, get a team to meet me in the main shuttle bay =/\= he said

=/\= Affirmative Commander =/\= came the response.

Sharpe looked at the First Officer "Commander Odegaard, would you care to accompany me? I figure the First Officer would carry more weight than the Chief of Security?" Sharpe asked.

"I can't argue with that assessment." Odegaard signalled for a Junior Officer to take over as he followed on behind Commander Sharpe.

Sally Anne turned to look at the captain. She could hear her father's voice in her head, telling her not to ask a question unless she already knows the answer. She'd never been very good at listening, however. "Captain," she asked tentatively, "may I ask you something?"

"In my ready room, lieutenant." Reza gestured towards the door opposite the turbolift doors. "Ensign you have the conn."

[Shuttle Bay]

As Paul and the First Officer arrived in the shuttle bay the ship was gently being gently landed by the tractor beams, Sharpe looks at the First Officer "I will let you take the lead here Commander" he said, while they were both the same rank he was the ships First Officer and thus has seniority and if Sharpe was true unto himself he was no diplomat and was happy to take a back seat as they met the people inside the shuttle.

"Alright," Odegaard responded as he signalled for the Security detail to standby. The Commander had done his research on the Jennarri based on the logs of the USS Victory and also the lost USS Seattle. "Standby everyone."

The door to the shuttle opened up as five figures appeared in the doorway. All humanoid with red eyes and blue skin. They were almost identical to Humans but those were the only visible differences.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Odegaard the First Officer of this Ship." He said to them. Noticing the black flight suits with red and blue rank insignia on the left breast. "Whilst in our custody you will not be harmed I can assure you of that."

The female officer at the front stood and looked at Odegaard. "First Officer? How disappointing." His gaze at the officers. "I am Senior Deck Officer Serinta of the Jennarri Inquisition."

Sharpe was standing back with his security people silent, but watchful, he had only seen blue skin red eyes in an image some time ago and that species was not this one, but he wondered if both species had a common ancestor somewhere, he sighed inwardly he would never know as there was no current location of this other species, he only knew of one modified of that species and she came from an alternate reality where her race had been wiped out but there was no record of her people in this reality. Still physically seeing blue-skinned humanoids with red-eyes was interesting he just wondered if they were friendly or hostile.

"Sorry to disappoint you." Odegaard signalled for them to step off the ramp and proceed forward. Two officers leading the way then Odegaard, Sharpe and the others to the rear, the brig is the next destination on the list.

'So it is to the brig with these then' Sharpe thought to himself and signalled his officers to take the new arrivals into custody.



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