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Passing the Torch

Posted on Wed Dec 11th, 2019 @ 3:24am by Lieutenant Commander Anders Odegaard & Commander Reza Rashid

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Transporter Room

The transporter room shimmered into existence around Reza and Pohl. It was a ritual the two of them had gotten used to as Reza's assignments shuffled him around the galaxy. But this was different. This was the first time Reza would be the commanding officer of this ship. And he hoped this might finally give his son a semblance of a permanent home.

He adjusted the bag on his shoulder and looked down at the Bajoran boy to his side. "You alright there, iti?"

The boy looked up and smiled at his father. "Just fine, dad."

Reza then turned to the officer standing in front of them. "Kia ora, lieutenant. You must be my first officer," he said, stepping off the transporter pad and extending his hand.

"Lieutenant Commander Odegaard Sir." He said politely to his superior and the new Commanding Officer. "Welcome to the USS Rutupiae Commander." Anders said to him as they meet for the first time.

"Thank you commander. Glad to be here." He put a hand on the back of the Bajoran boy that transported in with him, encouraging him to step forward. "And this is my son, Pohl."

"Nice to meet you, sir," he said.

Anders crouched down to be level with the young man. "Nice to meet you too young man." Odegaard then performed a magic trick where he made a strip of latinum appear from behind the boys ear. He then got up to his superior. "Let me show you to your quarters Commander."

Pohl giggled and clapped his hands. Reza smiled at Anders and gestured to him to lead the way. "I know it's irregular to bring a child onto a post like this but I had no choice. I don't have any family that would be able to take him in."

"That's your choice as Ship's Captain Sir." Anders said as he led the two of them down the corridor out of the Transporter Room. "I am merely your Executive Officer Sir, my job is to ensure that Ship and Company are all on task and following your orders."

Reza nodded. "Indeed. In any case commander, what's the status on the refit? Starfleet would like to have us take her on a shakedown cruise before we head off for the rim frontier."

“87% completed. We’ve got a few environmental control issues to iron out as we speak.” Odegaard said leading the way down the hallway. “We still don’t have a full compliment at this present moment so I am doubting up as your XO and also as your Science Officer.”

"So I imagine you've been pulling all sorts of extra shifts to get everythig ready? Well unfortunately that may not end any time soon. There's some sort of bureaucratic snafu at HQ holding up the transfer of our science officer. I can't answer for how long it'll take for it to clear."

Odegaard nodded. "Just like the snafu that's resulted in a Junior Lieutenant acting as Chief Engineer. Your Operations Manager an Ensign fresh from the Academy and your Helmsman a Warrant Officer."

"Well as long as they're competent at their jobs that's a good thing I suppose. And I think it'd be a good idea to let them help to brief and train their replacements once they finally arrive. And if it happens that we have to leave the starbase on the shakedown before they arrive, then so be it."

Odegaard nodded. "Understood I shall add it to the list." He motioned for the Captain and his son to step in first.

Reza walked through the door, Pohl on his heels. "Deck 2, section 4." The turbolift took off, and Reza turned to Odegaard. "So tell me about yourself commander."

The Commander stood with his hands behind his back holding onto the PADD. "What would you like to know Commander?" He asked with his eyes focused on the door in front of him, ever the professional.

"Oh just a general background. I figure if we're going to be working together I should know what kind of man you are."

He nodded. Most of Odegaard's career was classified or of a certain security clearance to access. "Well Sir I was an Enlisted Man before I became an Officer, served as a Crewman Recruit up to Petty Officer First Class and gained my commission as an Ensign in 78."

"Well that's quite an accomplishment. I feel like more enlisted people should become officers. Having the vast majority go through the Academy seems like it could create an unnecessarily hierarchy."

Odegaard shrugged. "It is what it is Commander, opportunity always finds a way."

The lift doors opened. "Well I think I can find my way from here. It sounds like you've got your hands full. I'll see you on the bridge, Number One."

"Very well. Welcome to the Rutupiae Sir." Odegaard said with a nod before watching the Captain and his son leave. It was certainly going to be interesting.


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