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Reporting In to the Captain

Posted on Sat Dec 14th, 2019 @ 2:12am by Commander Reza Rashid

Mission: Shakedown
Location: Captain's Ready Room - Deck 1

It had been said, though seldom more than once, that she looked more like a schoolgirl than a Chief Engineer. Certainly, Rook Allende was slender and on the average side in height with a face that had yet to grow into the strong personality behind the snapping black eyes and long, impossibly straight black hair. Certainly, individuals who didn't know her were prone to make assumptions about her and, possessing the straightforward honesty inherent in telepaths who couldn't hide much anyway, she was quick to set them straight. Peace-loving didn't mean doormat nor did it mean that she wanted to tell anyone what the entire ship was feeling at any given time. Seriously, who would want to open themselves up to the wealth of conflicting emotions of an entire ship? That way, lay madness as far as she was concerned.

She stepped down from the transport vessel, neatly dressed without the detritus that often collected in her pockets and a carry on bag slung over one shoulder, and headed straight to the nearest information terminal. Finding the ship (and her new commanding officer) didn't take long and she headed there directly; years in Starfleet had taught her how to survive the bureaucracy And on a new ship that meant, reporting in to the Captain, to Medical, and to Operations to get quarters assignment. With that done she could focus on the more important stuff like getting to know the Rutupiae.

[Short While Later]

She stepped onto the Bridge, quiet in the way that Bridges were when the ship still belong more to the refit team than to its crew, and headed to the Ready Room door. She pressed the chime and waited.

Reza looked up from his work at the sound of the chime. "Come in."

Rook entered, dropped her bag to the side of the door, and walked up to his desk. "Lieutenant Allende reporting as ordered, Sir," she said. The words might be formulaic but it was also the first steps, a beginning, and she was not adverse to new experiences. Never had been.

Reza stood up. "Welcome aboard, lieutenant. Can I see your orders?"

"Of course, Sir," she said and headed back to the door to fish the PADD containing her copy of her orders, as well as a wealth of technical information, out of a side pocket. She scrolled through the list as she returned to the desk, a niggling worry forming in the back of her mind, as she found her orders and passed them over. "Please tell me," she said, "that this isn't some mistake? You did ... receive my transfer orders, didn't you, Sir?"

Reza smiled reassuringly. "No, no mistake. Just a formality. Take a seat."

She sighed in relief, because Starfleet bureaucracy was a beast to be respected and maybe a little feared, as she took the offered seat. She reminded herself to sit properly, first impressions and all that, and managed to keep both feet on the floor through force of will. Hooking her hair behind her left ear, she waited. Waiting on senior officers was an unofficial first year course at the Academy and, when coupled with the patience that came along with being an engineer, she was good at it. Good enough anyway.

Reza sat looked over the orders. "You're rather quiet, lieutenant," he observed.

Rook chuckled as she spread her hands, "Well ... you're the Captain and I don't know you ... Sir." She dropped her hands into her lap and interlaced her fingers to prevent further lapses in decorum, something her previous commanding officer had first despaired of and finally accepted as part of her base personality, and cocked her head to one side. "What should I be saying?"

Reza chuckled. "You don't have to worry, lieutenant. I don't bite. And for someone your age you have quite a record, and we're lucky to have you."

"Thank you," she said. Her hands disentangled almost at once and began moving slightly as she spoke. "I like to work and I care about the ship I take care of ..." she said, a slight lift of one shoulder accompanying her words, "I guess it shows." Her gaze slanted to one side for the briefest of moments before she confided, "You know, I was all set to fight the transfer. The Washington was my ship and all but my Chief sat me down and convinced me to accept. He said we were due for a refit and that I'd love working on a Prometheus Class."

"Well I'm sure that we'll spoil you for whatever your next assignment may be. I haven't been to the engine room yet, but my first officer who has been overseeing the refit tells me that everything is right up to the minute."

She smiled at the thought even as she hoped it might be true for once. "And will that duty come to me now that I'm here," she asked.

"Well you might talk with Commander Odegaard in order to get the status of the engineering refit, and you will have the opportunity to get familiar with the systems during the shakedown before we head to the front."

"So that would be no then," she said thoughtfully. "I will certainly speak with him, Sir," she added even as she silently amended that she would do her own shadow inspect while devouring every report and maintenance log. "Though I'll be getting familiar with the ship long before it leaves for the shakedown, Sir."

"Glad to hear it." Reza leaned forward and rested his hands on the desk. "I do want to make sure you know that this will not be a pleasure cruise however. Our orders are to proceed the Jenarri front and help to reinforce the fleet already there."

"It's never a pleasure cruise," Rook said quietly. "Don't let the youthful demeanor fool you, Captain. I know my job. I'm serious about the work ... always."

"Glad to hear it. The engine may well take a beating on this assignment and we'll need you to keep everything in Bristol fashion even should we see combat."

"As best I can, Sir," Rook replied. "Barring catastrophic events, we'll keep things running."

"Good. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to tell me. Is there anything else you need right now? Any questions for me?"

"Just one, Sir," she said, offering up an impish grin, "Can I have my PADD back?"

Reza chuckled. "Indeed you can lieutenant." He handed the PADD back to her and flashed a smile. "For now, I'll let you get acquainted with your engine. Dismissed."


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